Friday, September 19, 2014

Must have for Safety

We recently was teaching our 16 year old how to drive and soon recognized that something was needed to alert other drivers that he was learning to drive.  So we created a magnetic sticker that adheres to the back of your car to alert other drivers for safety purposes.  Please share with other parents that are going through the same experience.

This magnetic sticker that adheres to the back of your car,  is 10 inches long x 3 inches wide and has a bold statement.  Promote Safety for yourself and your newly learning to drive teenager by alerting others that extreme Caution is warranted and needed at this crucial time.  Motorists do not realize that your teenager is behind the wheel learning unless you caution them.  This sign gives your teen the distance needed to become more secure in their driving habits, plus it is removable when you are not teaching your teen to drive. 

Buy yours today from the link below: